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IRF Company informs its clients of fake products

Every tin of fish has a triserial marking on its top which makes it easy to distinguish the original from a fake if you remember the following rules.

1. First line stands for production date, for example, 250811 means August 25, 2011. 
First three numbers in the second line stand for the assortment mark of tinned products.
The following three symbols indicate manufacturer's number - for IRF products it is: 
 - Б03, Б04, Д21, or д22 - products manufactured at its own plant in Sevastopol, 
 - 310 - products manufactured right at sea. 
3. In the third line the number stands for the shift number and the letter Р means fish industry index. 
Please be warned of the following:
Pursuant to the legislation of Ukraine, sale of fake products is deemed a crime. Any actions related to fabrication of products shall be subject to the following Articles of Criminal Code of Ukraine: Art.225 ‘Deception of Buyers and Customers’, Art.227 'Intended Introduction of Hazardous Products to the Market of Ukraine', Art.229 ‘Illegal Use of Sign for Goods and Services’ and others. Liability under such crimes is very strict. Penalties amount to 51,000 UAH, and the person who has committed the crime may be imprisoned for 6 years and his property shall be subject to seizure.
Criminal responsibility for such violations shall not release the person who has committed them from responsibility to fully indemnify short-received profits and losses as well as damages to the consumer.