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Aquamarine Wild Sea Fish. New commercial about TM “Aquamarine”

Canned fish is a very well-known and popular product but not many people have thought of its naturalness. In modern world, with gene engineering and flavorings that work ‘miracles’ with food products, it is becoming increasingly difficult to believe that there still exist products with completely natural components.
This is why it is of paramount importance to remind consumers of the existence of natural Wild fish.
Wild fish is fish that grows and is caught in the conditions of wild nature, that is why it is so tasty and wholesome. Buying products of TM “Aquamarine” consumers choose a safe and natural product that has been created by Nature itself. Wild sea fish is very healthy; by including it in diet we take care of our health since Wild sea fish is a unique source of calcium, Omega 3, vitamins and minerals. Being healthy, full of energy and vigor is what really important for everyone! The idea implementation was entrusted to the tried and true partners - Sahar Creative Bureau of Production Studio 23/32.