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Kilka in tomato sauce TM “Aquamarine” is recognized the best by the programme “Test purchase”.

Most of voices were given to kilka under trademarks “Aquamarine”, “Keano” and “Tolstiy Bozman”. According to the results of peoples’ vote products under trademarks “Aquamarine” dominated.


1. «5 seas» 

2. «Aquamarine» 

3. «Bering» 

4. «Keano» 

5. «Ribnyi Ostrov» 

6. «Tolstiy Bozman»

The winner: "Aquamarine"

Choice of the winner of “Test purchase” I. Kuznezov, expert of the testing center: "Weight fraction of fish must be 70-90% and kilka must be whole and of the same size. We didn’t find violations. But canned fish under trademark “Aquamarine” contain the biggest quantity of fish.

Everything is under control

Qualitative canned fish has indelible marking. Figures on the lid mean production date, lot number and plant number. Letter “P” stands for the index of fishing industry. A can mustn’t contain rust and deformations. Canned fish can contain besides of fish, tomato paste and spices also vegetable oil and flour. This means that the fish was fried before canning. Fried kilka has better shape. Good filling must be dense and must have homogenous consistency. Qualitative kilka mustn’t fall to pieces when unpacking.

Useful information

T. Demidova, associate professor of Moscow state food production university, Doctor of Science explains: «Canned kilka in tomato sauce can be fried or non-fried. Fried fish has more pronounced flavour. GOST recommends to use Baltic, Black Sea or Caspian kilka for canning. Also tulka can be used instead of kilka. Open can shouldn’t be stored longer than a day».