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Sprat in tomato sauce of TM “Aquamarine” has been found the best according to the results of ‘Test Purchase’ program.

The largest number of votes were given to sprat of the following trademarks: Aquamarine, Keano and Fat Bosun. According to the survey of public vote, products of TM “Aquamarine” were the leader.


1. 5 Seas
2. Aquamarine
3. Bering 
4. Keano
5. Fish Island 
6. Fat Bosun
Winner: TM “Aquamarine”
According to I. Kuznetsova, expert of the test center responsible for choosing the winner of Test Purchase, weight fraction of fist must range from 70% to 90% and sprat must be whole and of the same size. No divergencies have been revealed. But the largest amount of fish is in the tinned products of TM “Aquamarine”.
Everything is under control
Quality tinned products have an indelible marking. Numbers on the top stand for production date, product number and plant number. The letter Р stands for the fish industry index. A tin must be free from rust and deformations. Besides fish, tomato paste and spices canned fish may also contain vegetable oil and flour. It means that fish was fried prior to tinning. Fried sprat keeps shape better. Good gravy must be dense and homogeneous. When taken out of tin, quality sprat must not fall apart.
Valuable information
Assistant Professor of Moscow State University of Food Production, Doctor of Science, T. Demidova gives the following answers, ‘Tinned sprat in tomato sauce may be fried and non-fried. Fried fish has a more distinguishable taste. GOST recommends to use Baltic, Black Sea or Caspian sprat for canned fish production. It is also possible to use Black Sea sprat instead of sprat. An opened tin is not recommended to store longer than one day’.