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Pink salmon

Pink salmon is an elite fish of salmon family. Pink-red meat of pink salmon is highly valued by both gourmets and healthy food advocates. Pink salmon meat is well-balanced and nutritional, it is a source of vitamin РР, sodium and fluorine. This fish also contains fatty acids and fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins В. It is for a reason that many peoples of the North have been eating this fish and have been noted for good health since the dawn of time. This fish delicacy is capable of replenishing many microelements and vitamins in the body.

Pink salmon of TM «Sea Collection» is quality and nutritious fish which has preserved natural taste, subtle pink color and dense juicy bits since it contains a minimum of salt.

Pink salmon salad with rice

Cooking time: 15 min

Pink salmon with pasta

Cooking time: 15 min
Number of helpings: 2

Mimosa salad with pink salmon

Cooking time: 25 min

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