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Sprat in tomato sauce of TM “Aquamarine” has been found the best according to the results of ‘Test Purchase’ program.

The largest number of votes were given to sprat of the following trademarks: Aquamarine, Keano and Fat Bosun. According to the survey of public vote, products of TM “Aquamarine” were the leader.

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Produced at sea. Only AQUAMARINE

It is the name of the new commercial of TM “Aquamarine” telling about the unique technology of production of canned fish at sea.

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Company “IRF-Ukraine” conducted a promotion campaign Gifts from “TM Aquamarine"

The promotion campaign was launched early summer in 3 districts of Ukraine. Such campaign was conducted for the first time as a result of long-term beneficial cooperation of IRF-Ukraine and distributors of canned fish under TM “Aquamarine”.

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