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Kilka in tomato sauce TM “Aquamarine” is recognized the best by the programme “Test purchase”.

Most of voices were given to kilka under trademarks “Aquamarine”, “Keano” and “Tolstiy Bozman”. According to the results of peoples’ vote products under trademarks “Aquamarine” dominated.

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What do I know about smoked spats in jelly?

Canned food –  is one of the most conservative products. Production technologies aren’t changed during many years. Yet still the producers try to please their customers with new recipes and tastes, that correspond the demands of modern life.

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TM “Aquamarine” and TM “Riga Gold” “Favorites of success” in 2011

The results of independent rating researches “Favorites of success” held for annual competition of trademarks in Ukraine showed that TM “Aquamarine” gained the title “Absolute favorite of success” – 2011 in the nominee “Canned fish” (Also became leader according to polls among Experts and consumers)

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Elite products of TM Aquamarine becomes more accessible

We’re glad to inform that our line of products “Aquamarine” became more available.

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IRF Company informs its clients of fake products

Every tin of fish has a triserial marking on its top which makes it easy to distinguish the original from a fake if you remember the following rules.

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