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A powerful asset of “Interrybflot” is its portfolio of well-known canned fish brands available in all price segments.
TM “Aquamarine” is brand №1 on the market of canned fish in Ukraine. Wide assortment, selected wild fish, selected bits, best sauce of natural ingredients, compliance with the highest quality standards are fundamental for loyalty of Ukrainian consumers. Exclusive company products consist of canned natural krill meat (Antarctic shrimp) represented by “Aquamarine” brand.
Catalogue of “Aquamarine” products
TM «IRF» is a legend of Ukrainian canned fish market; 15 years in the Ukrainian market - 15 years of consumers' trust and loyalty! Well-balanced assortment – only ‘top sale products’ that enjoy love and loyalty of consumers: sardines, sprat, goby, sprats is fundamental to the brand success.
Catalogue of “IRF” products
TM “Sea” represents a wide assortment of tinned Atlantic and Black Sea fish; its optimum price and quality ratio, compliance with the recipes of GOST/DSTU/GSTU are the factors that nurture loyalty of the Ukrainian consumer. Tidbits of the assortment consist of exclusive tinned ‘Fish soup’ and ‘Chopped fish’.
Catalogue of “Sea” products
TM “Sea Collection” is one of the best-known Ukrainian brands in the segment of canned elite fish. Tuna, Pacific saury, pink salmon, cod liver, red caviar are the best sea delicacies united under the “Sea Collection” brand.
Catalogue of “Sea Collection” products
TM “Atlantic” is a leading brand of canned fish products that provides products in an economy segment. Optimum assortment consisting of top denominations of canned fish products and the best price and quality ratio contribute to high demand for the products.
Catalogue of “Atlantic” products
TM “Riga gold” is a European leading brand in a sprat segment with top-quality products produced in Latvia by old traditions in strict compliance with sprat natural smoking technology. Selected fish, preservation of traditions combined with latest technologies in packaging provide for consistently high demand for the products.
Catalogue of “Riga gold” products
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