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Krill meal

Krill meal is a source of high-quality animal protein and amino acids, an irreplaceable component of aquaculture feeding products.

Krill meal contains valuable nutrients in feeding products used for feeding for cultured fish and shrimp, such as: protein, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, phospholipids, essential Omega-3 fatty acids, natural carotioid astaxanthin, and cholesterol. Nutrients in krill meal contribute to stress resistance of aquacultures and increase feeding products consumption even in critical periods which promotes stable growth and development of cultured types of fish/ shrimps. Experts have also pointed out that salmon, aquaculture No 1 in terms of output, has better taste qualities when fed with krill.

Types of products and packaging:

  • Krill meal with antioxidant
    Packaging: standard bag, 25 kg
  • Krill meal, antioxidant free
    Packaging: air proof packaging with inert media (nitrogen), 17 kg

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Aquacultural world market. Reference information.

At the moment, world fish production amounts to over 150 mln. tons a year. Some 60% of the amount accounts for wild fish catching. The remaining 40% is produced on account of aquaculturing, that is fish breeding on fish farms. Experts agree that the future belongs to aquaculturing since fishing has been stagnating for dozens of years already. At the same time, consumption rates are growing and the volume of aquacultured fish in the world market has seen an almost five-fold increase in the last 20 years.

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