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Canned natural krill meat

“Interrybflot” presents exclusive products under TM “Aquamarine” – Natural krill meat!

Krill is an Antarctic shrimp, on average 40 mm long.

Krill is caught in crystal clear ice water of the Antarctic – ecologically clean region of the World water.

“Interrybflot” is the only Ukrainian company that catches and processes krill in the Antarctic.So far, the trawler of “Interrybflot” is second largest trawler catching krill in the world that catches and processes krill (in fact, it is a huge floating plant). As of 2014, only 6 countries in the world have all the necessary industrial and scientific potential to catch krill in the severe Antarctic conditions.

Processing. When caught, krill is processed within record fast time, 3 hours, which insures preservation of all nutrients and maximum wholesome properties.

Krill meat is a products with unique wholesome properties. According to a survey by Ukrainian State Testing Center Ukrmetrteststandard in November 2013, canned natural krill meat of TM “Aquamarine” contains a unique natural complex of vitamins, macro- and microelements and polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, as well as Omega-6.

Krill meat of “Aquamarine”:

  • Sea delicacy with exquisite taste and fragrance
  • Source of low fat digestible protein, an essential component of a fitness diet
  • Product for normal metabolism and fitness
  • Source of beauty ‘from the inside’: unique composition and combination of macro- and microelements which, on condition of regular use, provides health to skin, nails, hair
  • Product characterized of detoxification and radioprotection
  • Essential component in children's diet as well as would-be moms
  • Natural aphrodisiac and product for enhancing reproductive health in men and women
  • Essential component of a modern family daily diet

Recommendations of nutritionists.. Today's nutritionists recommend to use krill meat rolled in lettuce leaves with vegetables, nuts, lemon, eggs, spring onion, greens, and olive oil.

Krill meat of “Aquamarine” is an essential product for modern people living in a metropolitan city, source of beauty and health from the Antarctic!

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