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“Interrybflot” company is a leader in the Ukrainian canned fish products market. The range of products includes over 200 denominations of tinned fish products: Sardine, Sprat, Goby, Sprats, Tuna, Cod Liver, Mackerel, Sardinella, Pacific Saury, Squid, Pink Salmon, Mussels, Fish products, Salmon red caviar and others.

Products are represented under the company's own trademark: Aquamarine, Sea, IRF, Sea Collection and Atlantic.

TM “Aquamarine” is a brand leader in the Ukrainian canned fish market that determines development of the Ukrainian canned fish market.

“Interrybflot” cooperates with the largest sales networks and manufactures products for private trademarks - private labels.

The company has powerful facilities to produce a large assortment of canned fish:

  • Canned Atlantic fish: natural Atlantic sardine and deep fried mackerel in oil and in tomato
  • Canned Black Sea fish: sprats in tomato sauce, deep fried sprats with beans in tomato sauce; deep fried goby in tomato sauce, deep fried goby with beans in spicy tomato sauce, goby in oil
  • Canned Baltic fish: Baltic sprats in tomato sauce; sprat and sprat spread
  • Fish culinary: fish noisettes in tomato sauce, fish fricandels in tomato sauce
  • Natural krill meat – sea delicacy made form Antarctic shrimp known for its unique nutritional properties
  • Red caviar

“Interrybflot” company is an exclusive distributor of the TM “Riga gold” canned fish in the territory of Ukraine. TM “Riga gold” is a famous European brand in a sprat segment with the highest quality products produced by old traditions in compliance with the technology of natural sprat smoking.

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