Canned fish

Interribflot Corporation is the leader of the Ukrainian fish preservation market. The range of products includes more than 200 names of canned fish products: sardines, pilchards, gobies, sprats, tuna, cod liver, mackerel, sardine, sardine, squid, grayling, mussels, fish products, red salmon roe, etc.
The corporation's products are represented by its own trademarks - "Aquamarine", "More", "IRF", "Marine Collection", "Atlantika".
"Aquamarine" trademark is the brand-leader of the Ukrainian fish preservation market, which determines the development of the Ukrainian fish preservation market.
Interribflot Corporation cooperates with the largest retail chains and manufactures products for private labels.
The corporation has a strong potential for the production of a wide range of canned fish:
  • Canned Atlantic fish: natural Atlantic sardine and mackerel with the addition of oil and fried in tomato
  • Canned Black Sea fish: several in tomato sauce, several fried with beans in tomato sauce; bulls fried in tomato sauce, bulls fried with beans in spicy tomato sauce, bulls in butter
  • Canned Baltic fish: several Baltic fish in tomato sauce; sprats and sprat paste
  • Canned fish cooking: fish meatballs in tomato sauce, fish meatballs in tomato sauce
  • Natural krill meat - a marine delicacy from Antarctic shrimp, known for its unique beneficial properties
  • Red caviar
"Interribflot" Corporation is the exclusive distributor of "Ryzhskoe Zolot" canned fish in Ukraine. "Riga Gold" is a well-known European brand in the sprat segment, representing the highest quality products, made according to ancient traditions and observing the technology of natural smoking of sprats.

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Canned fish