Krill flour

Krill meal is a source of high-quality protein and amino acids of animal origin, an irreplaceable component of feed products for aquaculture.
Wing meal contains valuable nutrients for feed of aquaculture fish and shrimp: protein, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, phospholipids, the most important Omega-3 fatty acids, natural carotenoid astaxanthin, cholesterol. Valuable substances included in the composition of wing meal contribute to strengthening the stress resistance of aquaculture and increase feed consumption even in critical periods, which contributes to the constant growth and development of aquaculture species of fish / shrimp. Experts have also noted that salmon - aquaculture No. 1 in terms of production volumes, grown with the use of krill, has increased taste qualities.
Types of products and packaging:
  • Krill flour with the addition of an antioxidant
Packaging: standard bag, 25 kg
  • Krill flour without antioxidant
Packaging: vacuum packaging with an inert medium (nitrogen), 17 kg
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World aquaculture market. Reference information.
World production of fish at the moment is more than 150 million tons per year. About 60% of this figure is caught by wild fish. The remaining 40% is obtained through aquaculture, i.e. growing fish on fish farms. Experts agree that aquaculture is the future - after all, fishing has been stagnant for decades. At the same time, consumption is growing, and the volume of aquaculture fish on the world market has shown an almost fivefold increase over the last 20 years.

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