Antarctic krill meat is blanched and frozen
Antarctic krill blanched-frozen meat is a product obtained as a result of heat treatment of krill (Antarctic shrimp) with subsequent removal of the shell and freezing.
Blanched-frozen Antarctic krill meat is a biologically valuable food product with unique taste and nutritional properties.
Blanched-frozen krill meat is used as a basic component for the production of ready-to-eat pastes, salads, spreads, sea cocktails and other seafood-based products. Antarctic krill meat is also used to prepare dishes of Mediterranean, Asian and Japanese cuisine: starters, rolls, burgers, salads and other dishes based on seafood, which are in steady demand on the world market at public catering enterprises (HoReCa).
Types of products and packaging:
  • Krill meat is blanched and frozen
  • Packaging: briquettes in polyethylene, 11 kg.
  • Group packaging: 3 briquettes of 11 kg each (corrugated box).
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