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Interrybflot Corporation
“Interrybflot” Corporation was founded in 1994. Today, “Interrybflot” is a large vertically-integrated company performing its operations in the following key directions:
We, a team of professionals from “Interrybflot” corporation, meet the market demands for quality primary products and fish products by utilizing industrial potential, best raw materials, state-of-art production facilities and extensive sales network, as well as provide our Partners with a reliable basis for business development.
Canned fish
“Interrybflot” corporation is a leader of Ukrainian canned fish products.
The products of the company are represented by its own trademarks: Aquamarine, Sea, IRF, Sea Collection and Atlantic. The company's trademarks account for a considerable part of canned fish products market share in Ukraine and determine the development of the industry as a whole. “Aquamarine” trademark is a national brand leader in the Ukraine canned fish market. According to the GFK market survey in 2013, customer awareness of TM “Aquamarine” amounts to 73%.
“Interrybflot” company cooperates with the largest sales networks and manufactures products for private trademarks - private labels.
The production closed cycle guarantees high and stable quality of the products. International quality and safety control Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is practiced on the production site. Canned fish products meet the requirements of DSTU ISO 22000:2007. Over 50 denominations of canned fish products are produced in compliance with the recipes of GOST/DSTU/GSTU.
Canned fish products of “Interrybflot” are multiple prize winners of international tasting competitions that have been awarded certificates and medals for high quality products.
A well-developed sales network contributes to the volume of product sales in the territory of Ukraine. Effective marketing support provides high demand for the company products.
Canned fish products are successfully exported to countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.
We invite visitors to the website of TM “Aquamarine”.
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Krill (Antarctic shrimp)
“Interrybflot” company is the only Ukrainian company that is involved in catching and processing of krill (Antarctic shrimp) directly in the Antarctic.
So far, the trawler of “Interrybflot” is second largest trawler catching krill in the Antarctic. As of 2014, only 6 countries in the world have all the necessary industrial and scientific facilities to catch krill in the severe Antarctic conditions.
The company is a producer of unique krill products:
*”Interrybflot” company has all the necessary permissions to deliver its products to the countries of the Customs Union and the European Union. The permissions testify to the fact that the company production and products have undergone full certification and meet all requirements.
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